What to do if I’ve been sued in Mexico

Time is essential when a Mexican lawsuit is notified to you, so always the first step needs to be to get advise from a Mexican lawyer who knows the legal subject of the lawsuit or can recommend someone.

Mexican Judges provide time to defendants to answer lawsuits presented to them. Time available changes between the type of procedures. For example, an expeditious procedure only gives 5 days to answer. An ordinario commercial procedure gives 9. If you are far away from the court that is notifying you, then you can get some extra time for distance, which will be specified by the Judge on the notification.

A usual problem answering lawsuits is not only that time is short, but that the evidence is not easy to be found. That is why since day one you need to be consulting lawyers, so that they can start requesting you the evidence they will need to answer.

One thing important to notice, in Mexico we don’t have a discovery period. When you answer a lawsuit against you, that is usually your only chance to submit evidence to the courts. There are very few exceptions to this rule, like criminal procedures or evidence you didn’t know at the time of answering the lawsuit.

A last thing to consider, there is no one Mexican lawyer who knows all subjects of the law. The first lawyer you talk to can give you advice on what to do next, but the best advice will always be to recommend a specialized attorney for the subject of your lawsuit.

We offer such a service, where we can quickly read all documents given to you and in a few hours have a call with you to start a strategy. Don’t hesitate to check this service out and contact us.

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