Tax Strategy for Selling Mexican Properties

Save thousands of dollars on Capital Gains Tax with the correct tax strategy for when you sell your property. Best strategies are done years in advance, don’t miss out. Get legal advice by phone and messages with our attorneys. The price of this service starts at $150 USD.

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Priced according to your needs

Basic Tax Strategy

$150per property
  • Review of your property deed to identify possible exemptions or issues.
  • Full report and strategy with actions to be taken to reduce tax payments on a future sell of your property.
  • 2 weeks of legal questions related to this tax strategy answered by our attorneys
  • *Notary or government fees related to the strategy are not included

Financial Tax Strategy

$250per property
  • All basic features.
  • Suggestion of financial strategies available for property
  • Suggestion of incorporation of companies.
  • 2 months of legal questions related to this tax strategy, answered by our attorneys
  • *Notary or government fees related to the strategy are not included

Why you need a tax strategy for when you sell your Mexican properties?

  • Most strategies need to be applied with time in advance.
  • You could deduct hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Most owners of property in Mexico don’t know their rights.
  • Many expenses related to property can be deducted if prepared correctly.

Don’t forget to read our note on this subject:

Mexican property owners can save thousands of US dollars in taxes

Why choose us?


Rely on the guidance of our attorneys, without leaving your home.


Don’t waste time looking for a local lawyer who speaks english and understands foreign law in relation to Mexican law.


We have designed streamlined procedures so that you can get this done soon.

How does it work?

  1. Answer a series of questions
  2. We’ll create a tax strategy tailor suited to your property
  3. Execute the strategy with our supervision or on your own

Frequently asked questions

What type of exemptions can be applied to selling property?

For people, exemptions are more limited than for corporations. Regardless, there are some interesting options that foreigners rarely apply. For corporations, the possibilities are limited only by the economical activities available to the property.

What do I get with this service?

A full detailed tax strategy for you to follow, which can include updating your activities on the Mexican Tax Service registry, donating a percentage of your properties to your family, etc.

Are there other cost associated with this tax strategies, other than your price?

Yes, each strategy can have independent cost associated like Public Notary fees, constitution of companies, recording of acts on Public Registries, etc.

Don’t wait until is too late, prepare in advance and save thousands of dollars in taxes.

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