Mexican Power of Attorney

Appoint someone you trust or one of our lawyers to represent you or your company when you are absent. Avoid finding yourself far away from Mexico and without time to provide a valid POA. Price starts at $100 USD.

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Complete satisfaction policy

We will refund our fee within the first 60 days if you’re unhappy with our services. Learn more.

Priced according to your needs

Personal POA

  • Draft of Mexican POA, suited to your needs.
  • Supervision with Notary or Consulate near you.
  • *Doesn't includes Notary or Consulate Fees
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Legal Representation

  • All Personal plan features.
  • Assingment of POA to one of our lawyers.
  • *Notary or Consulate Fees not included.
  • **Fee only includes the assingment of one of our lawyers, not their work.
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Why do a Mexican POA?

  • Have someone in Mexico who can take legal action on your behalf when you are gone.
  • In case someone files a lawsuit against you, your legal representantive can defend your interest.
  • If you are too busy, assing someone to do legal procedures without you wasting time.

Don’t forget to read our note on this subject:

How legal representation works in Mexico

Why choose us?


Rely on the guidance of our attorneys, without leaving your home.


Don’t waste time looking for a local lawyer who speaks english and understands foreign law in relation to Mexican law.


We have designed streamlined procedures so that you can get this done soon.

How does it work?

  1. Answer a series of questions
  2. We’ll draft the POA you need.
  3. Sign the POA in front of a Notary or Consulate.

Frequently asked questions

Does it have to be signed in front of a Notary or Consulate?

More often than not, it does. It is better also, for certainty of everyone.

What powers can I give with a Mexican POA?

Anything you need to grant. But there are 3 usual POA’s: i) Litigation (Pleitos y Cobranzas), ii) Administration (for watching over your property or paying bills) and iii) Domain (Dominio, por selling property or assets).

How can I limit a Mexican POA?

You can establish it may only be used for certain things, for example: only valid for my property in Cancun. You can also limit it’s use: only valid for donating my property to my son and only my son.

I’m a foreign company with no operations in Mexico, why would I need one?

Any number of cases where your company could need an urgent representative in Mexico, without loosing days in going to a Mexican embassy to suscribe a POA. The most recent one we’ve faced, was a company from Asia which suffered a bank fraud executed in Mexico. Loosing days in such urgent times for not having already a POA person is not worth it.

Assign legal representatives in Mexico and be ready for any event where you could need them.

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