Mexican Last Will and Testament

Protect your loved ones and control the future of your assets located in Mexico. Get legal advice by phone and messages with our attorneys. The price of this service starts at $120 USD.

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Basic Last Will

  • A personalized last will draft for all your Mexican assets.
  • Our step-by-step guide for you to record this will with a Notary or a Consulate and verify its registration.
  • 2 weeks of legal questions related to this last will, answered by our attorneys
  • *Notary, consulate and government fees, not included.
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Supervised Last Will

  • All Basic Last Will features.
  • Scheduling and Supervision of Notary or Consulate Procedure
  • Supervision until its registration.
  • 2 months of legal questions related to this last will, answered by our attorneys.
  • *Notary, consulate and government fees, not included.
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Why you need a last will for Mexico?

  • Choose who will receive your Mexican assets.
  • Avoid conflicts between foreign law and Mexican law.
  • Mimic what you already have in your foreign testament.
  • Appoint someone to execute the will.
  • Protect your Mexican assets from government takeover and fraud.

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On why do you need a Mexican Will

Why choose us?


Rely on the guidance of our attorneys, without leaving your home.


Don’t waste time looking for a local lawyer who speaks english and understands foreign law in relation to Mexican law.


We have designed streamlined procedures so that you can get this done soon.

How does it work?

  1. Answer a series of questions
  2. We’ll create a draft of your will
  3. Finish it with us or on your own

Frequently asked questions

Are Mexican last wills valid nation-wide?

Regardless of the state or consulate where a Mexican Last Will is provided, all have to be recorded on the National Public Registry of Wills for them to be valid. Once they are recorded, then they are enforceable all over the country. No inheritance procedure can happen in Mexico without consulting such registry first.

Does a notary or consulate needs to be involved?

Most states in Mexico require that Last Wills are subscribed in front of an authority. Notaries and Consulates are the simplest way to do this.

Can I change or revoke my Mexican will after I make it?

Yes you can. The valid one is always the must recent one, provided it is correctly recorded on the National Public Registry of Last Wills —or at least in the Local Public Registry from the jurisdiction of the inheritance—.

Does your price includes notary, consulate or government fees? If not, how much are those?

Our price doesn’t include notary, consulate or government fees. This type of fees fluctuate very much between states and even between cities. In Mexico City some notaries charge as low as $70 USD for a recorded Last Will. Mexican Consulates in USA charge above $400 USD for the same service. Our Supervised Last Will service includes we finding out this prices and making suggestions.

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