Mexican Bank Fraud

If you have suffered a bank fraud involving a Mexican Bank account, use one of our lawyers to file a criminal complaint and pursue the offenders. Price starts at $1000 USD.

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For what type of cases this applies?

International Bank Fraud is more and more common. In the past we’ve seen cases where through hacking of emails and substitution of bank account numbers, payments are wired to the wrong bank account. Sometimes such bank account exist in a Mexican Bank. We offer the possibility for you to take criminal action.

Don’t forget to read our note on this subject:

International Bank Fraud in Mexico: a practical case

Why choose us?


Rely on the guidance of our attorneys, without leaving your home.


Don’t waste time looking for a local lawyer who speaks english and understands foreign law in relation to Mexican law.


We have designed streamlined procedures so that you can get this done soon.

How does it work?

  1. You tell us the facts
  2. We’ll need a Mexican POA from you.
  3. We file your criminal complaint.

Defend your interest and pursue offenders.

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