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Why do all foreigners need now to have a Tax Registry (RFC)?

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Actually, is not all foreigners. Only Temporary and Permanent Residents (so no tourist) as well as any property owner even if it doesn’t have a temporary or permanent residency.

The government changed the law so that young people were obligated to register to the tax service since they are 18 years old. This change (which objective is to enforce formalization of young mexicans) has impacted also the foreigners living in the country (unintended consequence of the reform).

Owners of property in Mexico, even if they are not residents, should get a tax registry as they won’t be able to sell without one, as the seller tax calculations can’t be done and paid anymore without the seller having a tax registry.

Most firms bill from $200 to $500 USD to register their clients in the tax service.

Registration doens’t imply tax residency or paying taxes, it only means that you get a folium for your tax registry in case someday you do a transaction.

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