About Us

Hello, we want to democratize Mexican law!

Highly inspired on the vision of the US endeavor, LegalZoom, we’ve realized in Mexico there’s still lots that can be done to use technology for the benefit of the people and the law.

We use streamlined services to connect people and Mexican attorneys, so solutions can be provided for usual legal problems.

We want to help people move forward with their plans, without having to worry about the issues of dealing with the unknown.

Who is behind this?

On 2016 a group of lawyers from Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende and León (Guanajuato) created the firm Kalôn & Agathos (KNA), giving service to clients in those 3 cities and some neighbor cities, too.

On 2020, because of the COVID pandemic, many courts and authorities throughout Mexico changed into digital systems, making the legal profession more ductile in terms of giving legal aid and advice to clients from any area of the country.

With this change of mindset, the firm launched MxLex.com and DerechoFacil.mx, websites which publish legal notes on Mexican Law, as well as provide streamlined services for the masses.

About Management

Raúl Ramírez Riba is the managing partner of Kalôn & Agathos (KNA) and he is in charge of developing and growing this new digital endeavors.

Raul did his studies on Law and Economics at ITAM, as well as Communication and Philosophy at IBERO, and music at Fermatta. For him, innovation and technology are the only ways Mexico can revolutionize the access to justice of its citizens.

Are the services provided in this website always supervised by a Mexican attorney?

Yes, they are. Unlike other similar platforms, all of our services are supervised to some degree by an attorney.

Once you submit a request of service, an attorney reviews the information sent to see if it’s possible to deliver such service. Once approved, a payment invoice is issued and sent to the client, as well as the name of the lawyer who will be in charge of supervising the hired service and the conditions subjects to such service.

We never recommend dealing with Mexican Law issues without an specific attorney in charge.